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About Us
Watchman is the english translation of my German name, Waechter. I choose to use this name for my Pure Spanish Horse endeavor as it embodies the idea of guardianship. The history of the P.R.E. Horse pours out over the centuries with a carefully developed genetic pool brought forth as a gift to modern aficianados. Additionally, there are a limited number of P.R.E. horses in the world let alone in the Americas. So each stallion kept whole, each mare bred, each foal born is an important addition to the tradition and legacy of the breed.

Watchman foalsMy pledge at Watchman is to be mindful of this trust and to seek knowledge and experiences that will ensure that Watchman P.R.E.s are as they should be...bred from approved stock, inscribed, revised, and within the breed standard.

As with other P.R.E. breeders, Watchman is focused on preserving the heritage and promise created by decades of devotion to a standard and process that brings the P.R.E. horse into the 21st century looking and moving like its 18th century predecessors.



What is a P.R.E.?
The P.R.E. BREED is an important and distinctive subset of the group of horses called Andalusians. The word breed is as opposed to general terms such as “kind” or “type” of horse. The P.R.E. has a very specific genetic heredity marked by predictable characteristics…thus, the use of the term breed.

P.R.E.s have their origin in Spain. The individual’s birthplace is unimportant as long as its documents confirm its relationship to its Spanish ancestors on both the sire and dam side.

ANCCE maintains the stud book for the Pura Raza Española Horses in Spain . They issue a carta or passport for each registered animal. Both parents must be registered and approved to make a youngster eligible for the inscription/revision process, which ensures this newest member of the P.R.E. family full recognition and documentation.

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Quality begins with a "W"